Skype is an internet video communication application. I have been using Skype more and more, and I keep being amazed at how much richer the communication is when I can see the person I'm talking with.

I recently conducted a Sype session for a athlete who lived hundreds of miles away from me. She wanted to improve an aspect of her performance, and I used a series of exercises from Being In Movement® mindbody education to help her achieve her peprformance goal.

I have also conducted a number of Skype sessions focusing on issues such as empowerment and abuse recovery, and  these sessions too were surprisingly effective. (Of course, when somebody is far away from me, I encourage them to work also with a local therapist or other helping professional.)

Anyone who has used any of my books would not be surprised that the exercises worked. My books lead the reader through a carefully graded series of exercises to achieve practical skills. I have developed a verbally guided process for using body awareness as a foundation for improving performance, and it turns out that that process is ideally suited to Skype sessions. Being able to see the person gives me enough information that I can do effeective no-touch body work.

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