Winning is Healing:
Body Awareness and Empowerment for Abuse Survivors.

Review published in:
AHP Perspective, Page 27, April/May 2005.

A self-help book for abuse survivors and a resource for professionals. The somatic methods described derive from Being In Movement® mindbody training and the martial art of Aikido.

The work is based on the idea that powerlessness is the core of the trauma wound. Body exercises work with muscle, breathing, posture, movement, and intention to develop body awareness, power, boundaries, and safety. Case study examples are included, and this work is applicable to substance abusers and those with eating disorders. There are body awareness exercises, empowerment exercises, and a range of therapeutic interventions for practitioners to experiment with....

Two words come to mind while reading this book: understanding and thoroughness. The author described the feelings and lack thereof then and now for such survivors. His intention is toward bodily healing and current awareness.... The power he wants clients to earn back is a loving power, not angry, not brutal, a new calm effectiveness.

I have done research and literature searches in this field for many decades, and this is the most complete and useful book I have seen.

His suggestions for "attack and defend" exercises do not sound easy ... but the point is to give the client a new experience to replace their learned helplessness, worthlessness, and ineffectiveness with alertness, awareness, and effective action. For those willing to "touch" some very "touchy" issues, this book could be a "Bible."

Kathleen Erickson,
Editor of the AHP Perspective

 "I have seen firsthand the immense value of Paul's work. I believe that he is presenting new material in a new way that will be of tremendous benefit to both clients and professionals. The body awareness process that Paul has developed is a unique and significant contribution to the field... Furthermore, I know from my own experience that his book will be of value to psychotherapists working with other populations, including substance abusers and eating disordered individuals."

Shirley Lange, Ph.D.
Columbus, Ohio.

 "Bodyworkers are generally not taught about abuse or given bodywork tools to work with abuse issues, but massage therapists and other bodyworkers often see clients who are abuse survivors... Paul's method gives bodyworkers the tools to extend their work into important areas of body healing. It is a unique and especially effective approach because it is an integrated, holistic method. It doesn't separate the body and mind, and it allows people to work through emotional issues as they manifest in the body."

Kim Fouty
Licensed Massage Therapist
Columbus, Ohio.

Winning is Healing (ISBN 0-9716261-0-3) is available as a downloadable e-book. The e-book is a six megabyte PDF file, which will take about 20 minutes to download with a 56k modem.

WiH is 440 pages long, with 99 illustrations and photos.
The cost is $14.00.