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A Training for martial artists,

psychotherapists, bodyworkers, and peace educators

WITH PAUL LINDEN,PhD, 6th Degree Aikido Black Belt

Columbus, Ohio USA

April 8-13, 2017



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Workshop Description

Conflict and trauma are commonly approached as mental, emotional, spiritual, political, cultural and historical in nature. However, the body's responses are crucial and often ignored. In this workshop, you will experience that trauma recovery and peacemaking are functionally identical in the body. You will learn body awareness tools for improving the way you or your clients handle stress, conflict, or trauma. These tools will also improve aikido, or any other activity.

Paul Linden demonstrating centering with irimi nage

When the body’s responses to conflict and injury are not addressed, it is difficult to establish peace and healing. Aikido centering is effective in this. However, aikido is too difficult and time-consuming for most people's purposes. Based on his 47 years of experience in aikido, Paul Linden has developed body-oriented methods of training which are simple, rapid, and effective.

When people are challenged, threatened, or hurt, they naturally react with physiological distress responses such as fear, anger or dissociation. However, these distress responses interfere with balance and ease of movement. They hijack the rational mind and move people's thinking and acting toward opposition and violence. When the distress responses are locked into the body, that is the trauma state.

In this training, you will learn simple effective ways to create a physiological state of calm alertness and compassionate power. You will be able to use these tools for yourself and you will learn how to teach them to others. Being able to regulate one’s body and replace the distress responses with this new state allows people to choose calm, constructive ways of responding to stress and conflict. This state of calm alertness and compassionate power enables trauma survivors to live in the present in safe and satisfying ways.


Paul Linden shoveling snow while being centered and aligned Hands on teaching Paul Linden and Bertram Wohak centering
Centering in everyday life Hands on teaching Conflict Resolution

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Skills learned in this Workshop


Teaching disputants how to regulate the body gives them the opportunity to choose
peaceful, constructive ways of responding to conflicts.


Teaching abuse survivors to live from a place of kindness and power allows them to cut
the chains that bind them to their traumatic experiences.


Body awareness training improves the execution of aikido defense
techniques and deepens aikido as a process of personal growth.


Course Details
The course will take place at Aikido of Columbus, 3003 Silver Drive, Columbus, OH 43224. 

A six-day workshop, in which you will experience and practice teaching the basic body awareness and empowerment exercises developed by Paul Linden and their application in peacemaking and trauma recovery. This workshop includes work with:

  • Awareness and intention
  • The structure and function of the body.
  • Postural alignment as relates to who we are
  • Breath
  • Self-concept and meaning in the body
  • Imagery
  • Reframing body actions as hypotheses and hypotheses testing
  • Embodied ethics

For those who wish, there will be aikido practice every day.


  •  Embodying Power and Love: Body Awareness & Self-Regulation (10 hours long)
  • Talking With The Body: Body Awareness for Professionals. (9 hours long)


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Both workshops in Columbus will be held at Aikido in Columbus. There are a number of motels nearby. Mat space is available (sleeping space on the dojo's training mats, bring a sleeping bag, showers are available).

The fee includes both six day workshops, two study videos and three accompanying e-books, as well as online support during the self-directed learning phase.

$850 early bird registration by June 1, 2016 
$1200 after June 1, 2016

People from outside North America may be eligible for a discount - please contact paullinden@aol.com for details. 
If you cancel your registration after June 15, 2016, there will be a non-refundable fee of $450.

To register you have to

1.  Fill out the registration form and send it either
2.  Pay the workshop fee
  • online (click Add to cart button at the bottom for this page) or
  • send a check by snail mail. 

Please note that you are not registered until the payment is received in full AND we received your registration form.

Paul Linden
221 Piedmont Road
Columbus, OH 43214

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PAUL LINDEN, Ph.D., is a martial artist, a body awareness educator and an author. He is the developer of Being In Movement® mindbody education, and chief instructor at Aikido of Columbus. He has been practicing aikido for 47 years and holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido and a first degree black belt in Karate. Paul has a Ph.D. in Physical Education and is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education.


Aiki Extensions, created by Don Levine around 1999, is an organization of aikido practitioners who are dedicated to applying and promoting the principles and methods of the nonviolent martial art of aikido in all aspects of life. Paul Linden was a founding member of AE, and the first AE conference took place at his dojo in 2003. From his 47 years of aikido practice, Paul has developed body-based methods for working with conflict and trauma. One goal of this training is to engage aikido practitioners in teaching these methods of peacemaking both within aikido and to non-aikidoists.


MaleSurvivor is an organization that focuses on healing for male survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Weekends of Recovery are retreats put on by a team of trained therapists and educators. Since 2004, Paul Linden has taught body methods for self-awareness and empowerment in the Weekends of Recovery program. A goal of this AIKI-based Body Awareness Training is to bring more martial artists into working with trauma generally and in particular to work with MaleSurvivors.


Linden’s work is absolutely essential to understanding your personal reactions to conflict. Through his work, participants learn clear and operational techniques to build self-awareness of our physiological responses to stress and conflict. This self-awareness then allows us to make different choices and see situations in completely different circumstances. I highly recommend that anyone who works in high-conflict or high-stress situations take this training. Stephen Kotev – Conflict Resolution Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University

Paul Linden is a pioneer in somatic healing for survivors of sexual trauma. Through decades of experience working with survivors and training therapists in his work, he has been able to translate his approach into a step by step process that, along with psychotherapy, truly empowers survivors to reclaim their power and be present for all of life’s challenges. Each time I witness Paul work with a client, I see that client take another solid step forward in his recovery. When combined with effective psychotherapy, Paul’s work effectively helps survivors move from being survivors to being able to thrive. Howard Fradkin, Ph.D., LICDC-CS, Co-Chairperson, MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery

I have found few resources in trauma work for survivors of sexual abuse as powerful or constructive as the work developed by Paul Linden.   Paul uses a method of somatic education that focuses on how body mechanics relate to emotions, thoughts, beliefs and self concepts. Paul's work has been one of the most powerful adjuncts to my work  with individuals who are shut down or constricted because of shame, stress, or fear. Mikele Rauch, is a Licensed Marriage Family Counselor. She has been a facilitator for the Male Survivor International Retreat Team since its inception in 2010.

I am astounded at Paul’s ability to read the significance of the smallest body response. I would like to strongly recommend Paul's workshop on Aikido and body work to all Aikidoists. I believe that Being In Movement training is insightful, profound, and deeply healing. Mary Heiny Sensei, 6th Dan Aikido

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A workshop in the UK

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List price: $850.00
Price: $850.00
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Friday, July 8, 2016