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Being In Movement®

key to efficient mindbody functioning

Paul Linden’s Being-in-Movement® Online Class

The body is the key. Paul Linden’s Being-in-Movement® Online Class will show you how to unlock that key.

You can be more perceptive, empathic, powerful, and effective in everything you do. In this class, you will experience that the integration of power and love is actually possible. By using clear language and intentional projection you can anchor the body in a structurally balanced, stable and mobile way of being. Experiencing the self as spacious awareness acting in three-dimensional space will improve your mindbody functioning in every area of your life.

Suitable for all levels of experience with somatic education and movement. Beginners are very welcome! We will meet weekly for 60 minutes on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (New York) on Zoom. Session recordings will be made available to all registered participants.

Sliding scale tuition $20 – $100 USD per month (pay what you can).


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Aikido - principles of action

Aikido defense technique

Paul Linden’s Online Aikido Class: principles of action

Practice principles of action that will make your Aikido techniques more effective: Gain a precise understanding of the structural mechanics of the attacker’s and defender’s movements, so that you can accomplish more while doing less. Practice the controlled use of appropriate force, so that you can practice safely and do what is needed in real-life situations.

This class is not meant to replace your existing Aikido practice; we will meet twice a month to augment your training elsewhere. You are encouraged to use the time between our online sessions to practice applying those principles on and off the mat.

Open to practitioners of any experience level and any style or lineage of Aikido. A practice partner is highly recommended. Meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturday at 1PM Eastern Time. Session recordings will be available.

Sliding scale tuition: $20-$100 per person, per month (pay what you can)


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