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Applications of Being In Movement® Body Awareness Education

How to use breathing, posture, movement and intention to develop a mindbody state of calm alertness and kind-hearted power is the focus of the videos and books. Where they differ is in the areas of application and the selection of exercises.

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Upcoming online event with Paul Linden

Martial arts in trauma recovery and conflict resolution – Oct -Dec

By donation series of 6 x 1.5-hour online workshops with Paul Linden fortnightly starting Thursday October 14th (see dates/times below)

Many of Paul’s clients have experienced that a few hours of focused work with Paul can help them overcome old pain and habits more than months of other work.

In this course, we will identify skills that martial arts cultivate and explore which areas of daily life would benefit from having these resources. Participants with sufficient martial arts experience will have the opportunity to practice using simplified ways of teaching these skills outside martial art practice. We will focus on how martial artists can collaborate with other professionals in areas such as psychotherapy, education and health care.

It will be helpful (but not necessary) if you have a live partner to practice with.

The course is also for professionals who are not martial artists and want to experience this process and what it can offer other fields.  We will have the opportunity to create a community of practitioners who are interested in collaboration.

This course is suitable for people who are new to the series and also people who attended the previous course.



Embodying power and love: Body Awareness & Self-Regulation

A compilation of the clearest teaching segments from a number of workshops in Being In Movement® mindbody education. It demonstrates how to learn and teach body awareness, power, kindness, and logical thinking. These skills can be applied usefully in any area of life.
10 hours



Feeling Aikido – Body Awareness Training as a Foundation for 
Aikido Practice

A practical manual showing how to use body and movement awareness exercises to enhance the effectiveness of Aikido self-defense techniques and deepen Aikido practice as a meditative and spiritual process.
300 pages



CONFUSION - Body awareness, Intentional movement and clear language as foundations for Aikido practice - my 50 years in Aikido. 

In preparation

Embodied Peacemaking

Though peacemaking is usually thought of as a psychological, spiritual or political process, these materials approach it as a process of body education. Over the years, I have developed a large number of exercises, but at the same time I have been working towards briefer and simpler ways of teaching the material. Reach Out was my first attempt at this, and in the free handout, I have managed to boil it down to just 8 pages. Although the focus is on peacemaking, the same fundamental body awareness exercises provide a foundation for excellence in any of life's activities.

Free handout

Five Quick and Easy Exercises. 8 pages.


Peacemaking video: Five Core Being In Movement Exercises

The simplest and most widely useful elements of BIM body awareness education. With the modular construction of this material, people can learn it, use it, and teach it right away.


Free handout

Body Awareness Training for Peacemaking - Five Easy Lessons.
48 pages.


Embodied peacemaking

Body Awareness, Self-Regulation and Conflict Resolution
164 pages.



Teaching children embodied peacemaking

Body Aware-ness, Self- Regulation and Conflict Resolution.

The children’s book includes body awareness peacemaking games. The process described is just as helpful in homework or sports as in conflict resolution.
70 pages.



Body Awareness and Empowerment for Abuse Survivors.
These two books are self-help books for abuse survivors and resources for professionals. They both focus on somatic methods of developing body awareness, effective boundaries, and safety. The second, shorter book focuses primarily on exercises to help survivors. The longer book includes all the exercises as well many case study examples and in-depth consideration of the logic of the exercises.


Winning is healing: Body 
Awareness and 
Empowerment for Abuse Survivors. (Full version)

A self-help book for abuse survivors and resources for professionals. Focusing on somatic methods of developing body awareness, effective boundaries, and safety. This full version includes many case study examples as well as an easier introduction to the material.
410 pages.



Winning is healing: BASICS: An Introduction to Body Awareness and Empowerment for Abuse Survivors.

A self-help book for abuse survivors and resources for professionals. Focusing on somatic methods of developing body awareness, effective boundaries, and safety. This basic version excludes the case study examples found in the full version.(See shop for full version).
140 pages.


Deeper technical understanding

In-depth consideration of special topics


Hands on teaching: Enhancing Body Awareness and Self-Regulation

The book focuses on exercises for developing sensitivity to another person’s body and for using touch as a precise and rapid way of teaching centering. Also included are chapters on the methodology of BIM and on the sources which influenced its creation.
85 pages



Talking with the body: Body Awareness Methods for 

This video shows a somatic process for uncovering and changing the past experiences and present thinking which constrain clients’ physical, psychological, and interpersonal functioning.
10 hours.


Coming soon

It’s all the same – except for the differences

Collected Papers on Applications of Body Awareness Training

Twenty-one papers describing the use of body awareness training in a range of applications from music or theater to attention deficit disorder, abuse or conflict resolution.
In preparation.