It’s all the same – except for the differences


Body Awareness, Wholeness, Peace, Sustainability
51 Years of Aikido Practice
Mastering BEING IN MOVEMENT® Mindbody Education
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If you give someone a hammer, everything looks like nails. However, in some ways, everything really is nails. For 51 years of practicing and teaching aikido, I have used the martial art as a laboratory to study human responses to challenges or threats. Fear, anger, and numbness are normal responses, and they all rest on the common body process of “smallifying.” We tense in fear, get tight in anger, or reduce our awareness in resignation. These states of separation and alienation lead to personal, social, international, and ecological violence.

The development and use of a mindbody state of calm alertness and compassionate power offers a foundation for the work of rebuilding and reshaping our civilization to make it just and sustainable. Surprisingly, the same body awareness methods apply equally well to the small challenges of daily life – such as correct sitting at the computer, trauma recovery, better golfing, or getting along with your neighbors.

This is not just philosophy. Through the exercises detailed in this book, you will experience that it is a concrete, attainable and eminently practical process. Not only that, but it’s fun!

Power without love is brutality. Love without power is ineffective.

If you would like a simple, easy introduction to this process, I have a free download here